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Announcing the Inaugural Baldwin-Emerson Fellows!

In conjunction with the Emerson Collective and Columbia University, Baldwin For The Arts is excited to announce the “I See My Light Shining” Oral History Project.

Over the next year, 10 distinguished writers and storytellers will capture oral histories and artifacts from hundreds of elders from across the country.

The Columbia Center for Oral History Research and the Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics is partnering with the Emerson Collective and Baldwin For The Arts to support acclaimed author and 2020 MacArthur Fellow Jacqueline Woodson’s new project. Through Baldwin For The Arts, the group of talented and award-winning writers will be deployed to conduct oral history interviews with people in various regions of the country, capturing unrecorded memories and life experiences before these stories are lost to history.

“From aging Civil Rights activists to Native American tribal leaders, to survivors of Stonewall, many stories remain untold or beyond the grasp of museums and institutions,” Woodson said. “When these elders pass away, their records and accounts may go with them. Our project seeks to fill these gaps before it’s too late.”

Woodson will guide the project creatively.

We are pleased to announce this remarkable group of Baldwin-Emerson fellows:


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