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Emily Hashimoto

June 2023, preferred pronouns: they/them

 Emily Hashimoto
I am not used to quiet. At first, it was difficult to have all that time by myself, with no wife or child asking for my attention. But once I got accustomed to it, I walked around the beautiful house, in conversation with my work. Trying out dialogue. Reading prose aloud. At night, I read like I did when I was a kid, finishing a book in two sittings. One night I had the exquisite pleasure of hearing rainfall, in the light of the reading lamp above my head. In the mornings I'd sit outside with my coffee, reading and journaling and thinking through the work for the day ahead. I ate delicious food. I left with a clear plan of how I'd edit my second novel.

I am entirely, unendingly grateful to the people of Baldwin for everything they did to support my journey to and time at the residency.

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