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Michele Stanback (AKA storäe michele)

January 2023, preferred pronouns: they/them

Michele Stanback AKA storaumle michele

an invitation: invaluable time with self.

coming home, speaking to the cobwebbed corners

of my heart and mind.

what is being birthed?

what terrifies me, but my spirit still needs to say?

letting go of what no longer serves me,

watching it melt off my flesh

moving downward,

becoming embodied after months of sitting in my head.

i played. i danced. i filmed.

this produced a buzz that made sleep difficult–

creativity was a vibe that awoke me.

riveting conversations with self,

journaling daily,

meditating while luxuriating in meals made with care.

immense gratitude for the magic this home holds.

honored for this transformative opportunity to be in

solitude with the person i often don’t have the chance

to reveal.


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