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P.S. Voël

April 2023, preferred pronouns: she/her

 PS Voeumll

There is space for you. That was the affirmation that came to me during my time at Baldwin for the Arts. I was reminded of why I write. I was given reassurance that rest restores and upon restoration, clarity makes itself available to you. I was able to see clearly the direction I needed to take with my work. I was able to re-imagine not only my work, but myself. The timing of my visit was pivotal and rekindled the part of my creativity that desires expression; namely, the part that urges me to speak, to write, to emote.

I’m most grateful for the genuine initiative Jacqueline and the BFTA Team has pushed forward for us. It’s a blessing to have intentional space made for you. I feel enlivened and filled with gratitude.

Many many thanks!


(pronounced Fū•elle)


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