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Taylor Johnson

November 2022, preferred pronouns: he/him/his

Taylor Johnson

Credit  S*an D. Henry-Smith

I hadn’t considered what it meant to rest in a total sense before my time at BFTA. During my week, I was able to let my mind and body catch up with each other, being at a leisure pace in the day to let my curiosity wander and linger around. I’d come into my week with a long to-do list and some set goals for myself, but after feeling embraced by the worked spirit of the house and the land that holds it, I allowed myself to think a bit more expansively about what I needed to do which was to rest and reflect. I was able to be a bit loose with myself, reading “The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book”, taking my time eating the meals carefully prepared by Chef Felicia, and moving at a pace that doesn’t consider the next project or idea, staying present with myself was my work at BFTA. I’m grateful to Jaqueline Woodson and the board for selecting me and opening the invitation to step into this gift of space and time. Special thanks to Jaqueline for the pizza lunch on my second day. I’m grateful to the artists who preceded me and built up the energy of the house

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