Olaronke Akinmowo

March 2022, preferred pronouns: she/her/hers

Olaronke Akinmowo
There is nothing more nourishing for an artist or writer than being blessed with the gift of space and time to just breathe, be and create. This is the gift that the Baldwin for the Arts fellowship gave me and it changed my life. Living as a single mother, with a demanding full-time job, it often feels impossible to carve out time to make new work. Being alone in the farmhouse allowed me a chance to clear my head, and not only make new work but also explore new techniques and ideas in my process. While basking in the beauty and soundscape of nature, I made paper and a new series of collages. I also completed a personal essay that I had been attempting to finish for several months. This space made me feel nurtured and held, I experienced a peace that my soul has been craving for a long time. James Baldwin is a personal muse of mine, a literary rock star whose writing continues to inspire and shape the world, I see myself as one of the many seeds he planted, opportunities like this one are what encourage and support my growth. Thank you to Jaqueline Woodson, the selection committee, and the board for creating this program, I am honored and forever grateful.

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