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Patrick Dougher

July 2022, preferred pronouns: he/him/his

Patrick Dougher
I was introduced to Jacqueline through our mutual friend the muralist Josh Serentitis. I had already been a fan of hers for years. We are both from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn and about the same age so I think it was easy to feel an immediate kinship with her. Jackie's energy and heart are so kind and genuine it's absolutely infectious I adore her!
Jackie bought a couple of pieces of my art and I felt so honored to be "in her house". It made me feel even closer to her in spirit. Although I am primarily an artist / musician I had been feeling a strong need to write a book about the magical mystery tour that my life has been. I was sitting in meditation one day last August and the thought came to me "Ask Jacqueline Woodson if she has space for you to start writing your book" I thought it might be perceived as bold and presumptuous to ask for space at Baldwin since I'm not even technically a writer and I was fully prepared for "NO" but to my grateful surprise Jackie got right back to me and asked when I might want to come!
I spent two productive, serene and inspiring weeks at Baldwin in Sept 2021. Just me and the deer. I ate from the garden and I laid down the outline of my book. There is something about the vibe of that land that feels so safe and soulful. I couldn't have started the book anywhere else. I spent another couple of weeks at a writing retreat in West Cornfield CT over the winter and further fleshed out the book but somehow I knew that I needed to return to Baldwin to finish it. I asked again and again Jackie blessed me. I spent one more week in my"spirit home" in July 2022 and I was able to put the finishing touches on this chapter of my life. I am so incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity. "Thank you" could never be enough.

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