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Suhaly Bautista-Carolina

May 2022, preferred pronouns: she/they

Suhaly BautistaCarolina
There is an undeniable magic about this place, something that invites you back to yourself and guides the freest version of you to come forward. This is what it feels like to arrive at a place where you’ve never been and be home, in yourself, in divine relationship to the cardinals and bluejays, to the spruces and the redwoods and to the sacredness of nature everywhere your eyes touch. I came to Baldwin at a time when it seemed the entire earth would crack at its seams, and the gift of time to listen to the bird songs every morning was a meaningful glimmer of possibility, hope, and inspiration that has stayed with me. While at Baldwin, I worked on a book project that I had been dancing around for many moons, but most importantly, I made medicinal honey from the beautiful, flowering lilac bush on the grounds, I sharpened my birding skills, I walked in the grass and felt the earth beneath my feet, and was invited to harvest fresh peppermint from the abundant garden space. I am grateful to Jacqueline and the entire BFTA team for dreaming of this space and for inviting me to be a part of it. What a treasure. My wish is that many more blessings fall upon this land and that magic continues to have a home here.

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